Live music at Le Cafe Picton

Tour: New Zealand Tour


Sat 24th Jun
Time: 8:00pm.
Age restrictions: All Ages/Licensed.

Jacquie Walters & James Wilkinson

Wed 26th Jul
Jacquie Walters recorded her first song ‘Bob Dylan’s Dream’ when she was six years old. Singing Dylan and Joan Baez songs with her parents from an early age was her introduction to singer-songwriters. In the early 1990s Jacquie teamed up with local musicians Ariana Tikao and Leigh Taiwhati to form the group ‘Pounamu’. They recorded ‘Koha’ before Leigh left and then Jacquie and Ariana went on to record ‘Uha” and “Mihi’. They made regular appearances on television and were selected to represent the South Island on a musical series recorded at TVNZ in Auckland. In 1996 the duo were chosen by The Body Shop as their representatives to deliver its petition against nuclear testing to the French Presidential Palace. During this trip they performed on the BBC World Service and in London, Paris, Strasbourg and Sydney. From 1996 to 2000 Jacquie performed at a number of music festivals and events throughout the UK, including touring and performing as part of ‘Freewheelin’ with Pete Dean and Kate Bramley. Kate is now a member of Jez Lowe’s band ‘The Bad Pennies’ and ‘The Mile Roses’. ‚ÄčIn 2000 Jacquie returned to New Zealand. She recorded her first solo CD ‘Dreamwalking’ in Christchurch in 2000. The title track from the CD received an honourable mention in the Billboard World Song Contest. A second track from the album achieved an honourable mention in the Unisong International Song Competition. Jacquie recorded her second solo cd ‘Step Into The Light’ in 2006. Jacquie is now based in Nelson, NZ and is currently working toward the production of her next CD, “18 Roses” Joined by Guitarist James Wilkinson was born in Canterbury and has performed in New Zealand and internationally for several years. He has been in bands such as Rua, Hampster (with Carmel Courtney), The Two Jimmies and the Bardic Duo, playing styles such as Celtic, jazz and folk.
Time: 7:00pm.
Admission: 15.00.
Age restrictions: All Ages/Licensed.
Box office: 5735588.

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