Winter Happenings

So, finally some good news- or any news for that matter- from us lot. That is, of course, predominantly  addressing those of you, whom have managed to steer clear of the other form of electronic communication.

So there’s a ski(t)load of snow in some of the hills, albeit not in “our” hills. The hurtfull truth of our current climatic situation.Yeah yeah, I know, we always get the snow a bit later than the rest. That doesn’t mean it gets easier to accept.

I now fully understand those with “gate-shutting-anxiety”! One can only afford so many more seasons of missing out, then the legs fall off, the knees give up, global warming takes a full grip on low altitude skifields, Nostradamus is proven right after all, the gods all turn up together, rather than predicted (one by one) and whatever else Murphy has in store. Basically, if I don’t get to go skiing soon, I can’t guarantee for anything or anyone for that matter.

However, what I can guarantee is that we’ve got a decent line-up of entertainers of the musical type. And that starts right now- as in tomorrow!

Wednesday 26th of July 7pm $15
Jacquie Walters & James Wilkinson
Two NZ songwriters of many a tune! James played here with Richard Adams and Nigel Gavin, and more recent on the closing night of the Open Ear Festival.

Sunday 30th of  July 1pm-ish  Koha welcome
Steven Mitchell- Sounday Aftermoon Blues!
British of origin- Nelson resident now!

Sunday 6th of August 7pm $15
Julian Temple (Julian Temple Band- you might remember about 10 years ago…)
w Jesse Morris (Australia)
Swinger Songfighters – it will be awesome!

Wednesday 9th of August 6:45pm Free Show
Southern Jam is back!!!
We get to host 5 different school bands this year- don’t miss it – this is a definite high-light on the calendar!

Thursday 24th of August 7:30pm $15
Nigel Wearne (another Australian…)
More details to follow

Friday 1st September 7:30pm $20
Wayne Mason – Rob Joass – Hamish Graham
The Hard Core Troubadours
No need to introduce these fellas of longtime NZ Music Makers & Shakers!!

That’s probably more than you can remember anyhow, so we shall not bother you with any further information!

See you here! And remember:
Use it or lose it- the artists and your favourite music venue needs your support!!


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Open Ear Festival – Overview

People- fans of heavy entertainment! It is upon us. It is going ahead and it is a proud moment in the history of Le Café entertainment!!!
Le Café Open Ear Jazz Festival 2017 is ready to roll!
Tuesday 28th of March 2017 7pm
The Le Café Big Band Opening Gala – Band leader of the night: Doug Mundy (Piano) from Welland, Ontario/Canada
 Doug Mundy- Piano
 Stefan Nagler- Organ
 Nigel Gavin- Guitar
 Richard Adams- Violin
 Ed Zuccollo- Keyboard
 Lucien Johnson- Saxophone(s)
 Hikurangi Schaverien-Kaa Drums
 Bradley Grainger- Double Bass
 Jonty Zydenbos- Trumpet/Cornet
Wednesday 29th of March 2017 7pm
Al deMeovin, Nigel Benson, Paco deGavin, Nigel Fripp 7-Strings & Band Night
Band leader Nigel Gavin will take us and his band of loose brothers on a journey of an unknown destination.
Nigel Gavin- Guitar
Richard Adams- Violin
Doug Mundy- Piano
Ed Zuccollo- Keyboards
Stefan Nagler- Organ
Hikurangi- Drums
Bradley Grainger- Double Bass
Thursday 30th March 2017 8pm
0800 N-Funk All Stars Band
Mothership leader Stefan “Pfunkateer” Nagler will lay down the groove for this final night of incredible musicianship! Only at Le Café- only in Picton!!!
Stefan “Pfunk” Nagler- Organ
Ed Zuccollo- Mini Moog and other antiquated gadgetry
Doug Mundy- Piano
James”Bootsie” Wilkinson- Fretless Electric Bass
Bradley Grainger- Double Bass
Hikurangi Schaverien-Kaa Drums
Midge McCleary- Guitar
Special Guests possible!
So, to witness immediate, spontaneous greatness, I strongly suggest you buy a three-day-full-event-pass at $50 or choose your nights at $20
All (ticket)proceeds will go to artists directly. (So we really need you to feel hungry and thirsty!!)
Don’t miss this one- or you’ll be kicking yourself (or I will…)
This event is kindly supported by and in no particular order:
The musicians, SoundsAir, The Wilsons, Seresin Estate, Interislander, Havana Coffee Works, The Picton Yacht Club Hotel- thank you all for believing in this vision and helping us to make it happen!
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