Open Ear Festival – 2018


Le Café Open Ear Jazz Festival 2018

Born out of my deep enjoyment of pushing largely unacquainted musicians
into unfamiliar territory, where talent, passion and open ears alone ensure
cohesion…..or so the story started.
Now, a year later, it is time again. Encouraged by the feedback from both
audience as well as players, we have again drummed up a flock of
temporarily unemployed, musical nomads.
The concept of un-rehearsed, un-charted live-composition on the spot, is
what appeals to me. Open-the- larder-door- and-see- what-happens cookery
of the musical kind.
This year, whilst we have a couple of repeat offenders in the line-up,
there’s also a bit of new blood involved.
Three nights of unbraked creativity, liberated musicianship and OPEN EARS
all-round! Pushing the individual boundaries, going to the edge and stare
into the abyss of the inner self.
Let your world know! Gather your friends and come on down to witness
un-repeatable creation.

Peter Schöni
Chief Instigator
Festival Pass: 3 Nights $60 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd of March 8pm
Single nights: $25


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