So, it’s about time I wrote to you….in saying that, now that summer has arrived, you’d be sitting in the paddling pool in your undies, cold beer in the hand and dream yourselves outta here…..!

Anyway, there are Giraffe’s to be skint so let’s cut to the chase quickly.

Now that the skis have been put away again, it’s time to focus on an other great thing: MUSIC!
We have some fabulous acts hitting the stage here at Le Caf’ over the next few weeks. By the way; chopping up Giraffe’s isn’t what us Danes/half-Danes usually do. We read books, go for walks etc too, you know!? Music is what I was to write about, that’s right!
So the program starts this coming Tuesday. Double whammie at that. We/I didn’t have the heart to turn down an artist, whom is aiming at playing a show every day for an entire year!!! Yep!!! 365 shows in a row!!! Tuesday 18th of February 8ish Mat Enright on his gig nr 167 or something… Tuesday 18th of February 4-ish Harry Bird and Rubber Wellies (yep, that’s the name)
Thursday 20th First Time In NZ!! Check out this chap, then book immediately: All the way from the UK DAN WALSH (Hendrix on Banjo, so to speak)
All the way from Sweden/Auckland/Tokyo Monica and the Explosion featuring Moisty on Saturday 22th of February Only to be further topped by another show on Sunday 23rd All the way from Amsterdam: My Baby Loves Vodoo Here’s a great chance for you all to make up for all the shows you missed!

A fatter line-up than Ronnie Scotts- cheaper too! Pick your night/day and you will not be disappointed! Read up on these artists, in order not to choose the wrong concert! You can have a bbq the week after- freeze the meat and get your friends down here. If you haven’t noticed, Picton is on the World Map of Music!!! Thanks to you, turning up and supporting these shows.


Better than wasting the meat, isn’t it?? That’s what the lions thought, anyway..